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Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa is a traveling spa on wheels built specifically for dogs; all ages, breeds, and sizes. We come to you whether that be at your home or work. Parking steps from your doorstep, our bus is self-sufficient with no need to plug into your home. Our time is devoted to pampering your pet while ensuring the experience is stress free. We understand how much your dog means to you; therefore, we treat them like one of our own creating a loving and caring environment so they can enjoy their spa time. Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa is committed to using high quality grooming products including shampoos and conditioners. We have bundled our services that include many features that other grooming establishments would charge extra for. We believe every dog deserves the best; every dog, every time, everything. Come on board………

Why choose mobile grooming

Less anxiety or stress for your dog

Most dogs aren’t excited when it’s time to meet the groomer. The sounds of the dryer, fear of the scissors, or even nervous being touched by a stranger. Mobile grooming doesn’t solve this problem entirely yet provides a much smaller environment allowing the dog to feel much more at ease.

No cage confinement or cage drying

Your dog will always be the only one being attended to for their time. This allows them to get properly dried right after bath time.

No exposure to other dogs

Unlike visiting a grooming facility where you would interact with other pets a mobile groomer is steps from your doorstep limiting the risk of other unvaccinated pets, fleas, ticks, or possible contagious conditions for your dog.

One on one attention with personalized care

Your dog is the only one being cared for. There are no other distractions or responsibilities other than devoting all the care toward your dog for their spa treatment. A truly calm and peaceful experience allowing your dog to enjoy their time.


Nowadays most people have tremendously busy schedules. With mobile grooming you don’t have to rearrange your schedules, deal with traffic or longer waiting times at the salon. We are steps aways from your front door bringing you back your baby as soon as we are done.

Less anxiety or stress for your dog
No cage confinement or cage drying
No exposure to other dogs
One on one attention
groomer to spa

About Us

Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa was inspired by our oldest dog Samurai, a 100lb Bullador after a trip to the beach here in Saint Augustine. Sandy and dirty we tried to bathe him afterward in the front yard. Bending over for this bath not only killed our backs but the cold water was miserable for our senior guy. Before we were able to dry him it started to rain so we did the best we could with a quick towel dry. The next day we called around for a mobile groomer but with nothing available for weeks made an appointment with our veterinarian. Because of our work schedules had to drop Samurai off in the morning where he would remain in a cold kennel until it was his turn. That evening after discussing the events leading up to Samurai’s experience birthed the idea of Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa.

Diona is no stranger to the field of animal husbandry. Working in numerous veterinarian clinics she had assisted in numerous surgeries. Behind the scenes she gained extensive knowledge for pets in different situations; mostly at their most fragile moment. Her attention to detail is impeccable and love and compassion for animals one of her most astounding qualities not only professionally but personally.


All prices and times for spa services are based on the size, breed, condition of coat, and time taken to complete the service. While we can do our best to provide an approximate price range over the phone, you will get the most accurate quote once we assess your pet in person. Our goal is to provide our pricing as transparent as we can.

Our pawesome spa experience includes the works; all the bells and whistles to make your pup feel like royalty. The spa package is for every dog, every time, and everything.

Our fee for dematting a dog will be determined once we assess your dog on the initial visit. Matting occurs on a dog’s coat that causes knots and if not attended to can eventually cut off their circulation. Removing the matts from a dog is painful and must be done slowly. If you detect any matting in your dog, please do not try to bathe them as the water will only make the mats tighter. We will do our best to assist in these situations and the cost for this service will be determined on site.

Providing a quality service is our number one goal. We promise to remain fluid in our approach to continually welcome new ideas to help us better serve our community and make our pet experience PAWSTASTIC.

Up To 25lbs

25lbs and up

50lbs and up

100lbs and up

Customer testimonials

Shout out to Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa for taking care of our wiggly puppy “lady Lola”. She still smells so good! Great job on the beautiful cut and we will call you again…..If you’ll have us

Pam H 2022-09-03

Auggie really likes her new look. Would like to give a shout out to PEDAL TO THE PAW DOG SPA.

Robbi H 2022-09-03

Shout out to Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa. They did a great job grooming Ollie. He has a really thick coat and they did an excellent job with his undercoat. They are a pleasure to work with and did exactly what we asked for. Highly recommend.

Alice G 2022-09-10

Just adopted this little guy a week ago. Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa was able to groom him right here in my driveway. He looks awesome and they did such a nice job winning him over before bringing him inside.

Barbara C 2022-09-10

I cannot make enough positive comments about this mobile grooming company. I have 4 dogs and have been trying to connect with a mobile groomer and could not for one reason or another. Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa is all I have been looking for. They give my senior Lab the royal treatment, he actually enjoys getting groomed by Michelle & Diona. They make all my dogs like a bath!! From my senior Lab down to my 6lb. Chihuahua! Their van is spotless and the accommodations for the animals are just perfect. Michelle & Diona are very friendly and make the appointment totally stress free. You can tell how much they love the animals they tend to. I would highly recommend them for any of your dogs grooming needs. I am so happy I found them!

Kathy C 2022-09-18

We were so pleased with our little schnauzer’s grooming by Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa today! They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a groomer who is gentle and will pamper your pet!

Frank and Linda H 2022-10-24

    Why bath time needs to be consistent

    • Removes dirt and odor-the kind you can see and cant see
    • Assists in keeping the dogs coat clean, soft, and moisturized
    • Helps reduce allergies trapped in your doggies fur
    • Drastically reduces shedding in the home